Auto Body Collision Repair

We hope to take the stress and frustration out of an unfortunate car accident into a pleasant experience of restoring your car to its pre-accident state. Here are some of our services:

Frame, Unibody & Metal Repair & Replacement

Your car's frame is its foundation. It has to be strong and solid to support the repairs. It makes sure everything is properly aligned for a smooth ride. It is a critical phase of auto body repair. At Jim Howard & Son Body Shop & Towing our technicians are certified in auto body and unibody frame repair. We will work to restore your frame or unibody to what it was prior to the accident. Whether we replace portions of the frame, or torque the metal back into proper shape, once completed your car should feel and drive like it did before the accident, if not better. Where we are able we use original replacement parts.


As a collision facility we make every effort to write a precise estimate the first time at Jim Howard & Son Body Shop & Towing. Sometimes this means disassembling damaged areas and requires a bit more time. An accurate estimate makes a smooth flow between us and the insurance company to achieve a fair price to complete your auto repairs and get you back on the road again with your car restored to pre-accident condition. View our photos to see more of the repair process.

General Repair

The majority of insurance claims are for general repair. We can handle all your general auto repair needs. From minor hood scrapes and dents to cracks in plastic moldings; broken windshield, mirrors and door assemblies to weakened seals our technicians work to get your repairs completed quickly and maintain our high standards.


Auto Towing is no longer a simple hookup. Sophisticated cars require a knowledgeable tow operator for the protection of your car. We understand the stress involved when you need your car towed. Our goal is to take care of your car and reduce your stress and frustration.

Quality Detail

Our technicians perform quality control throughout the body repair process at our collision facility. A checklist remains with your car to ensure the strictest attention to detail. Our extensive list travels from our Body Dept. to our Paint Dept., Reassembly Dept. to our Final Delivery Dept. Every step is checked and approved to ensure quality delivery of your car - ready for you to enjoy. Courtesy detailing with every vehicle.


Automotive painting and refinishing has evolved into an art form. Even mirror scrapes and dents need to be perfectly paint matched. At Jim Howard & Son Body Shop & Towing our paint technicians are trained and certified by paint manufacturers. We're paint experts. Our computer-controlled paint mixing equipment allows us to match your car's exact body color, even adjusting for the slight change paint experiences each year.

Car Rental

We understand the inconvenience of not having a vehicle while yours is being repaired. We offer a courtesy ride to your home or office. You might have auto rental coverage on your auto insurance policy. Check with your auto insurance to find out if you have car rental included due to a collision often called "Loss of Use" and if so, find out the exact terms. If the other party is paying for your repairs they will pay for your reasonable transportation while your car is being repaired. Some car rental companies give discounts when your own car is being repaired.